Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pinterest, a place of our interest!

While reading daily blogs with a cup of tea in the morning today, I came across the post about Pinterest on My World... My Space. And since morning I am glued to this fantastic site! I figured it was time for me to join all you pinners out there.  Now I can save and share my favorite photos with links to their sources. Genius! 
Have a look on my Pinterest page here.

via Designing Life's Pinterest 

So are you on Pinterest yet??
Let's start pinning and re-pinning! 

  • Pinterest is via invitation, so if you want me to invite please drop your email
  • Pinterest is addictive, trust me! also said by Tanya Anurag


  1. With both of us blogging about Pinterest, I am sure that we have given the site several new members.

  2. and lots n lots of pins and re-pins :)


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