Wednesday, July 27, 2011

name plate!

I had to share this!...
ever since I have started ceramics
wished to make something special our home...
so after much experiments, pieces break, glaze smudge and many more...
finally I got this for our home...
have a look...

hand-made 'Felt Bandhanwaar' (Diwali 2010) and 'Ceramic Name Plate'

so, how is it??


  1. Sonam, it looks lovely. The name plate is stunning! Gorgeous..!
    Will you make one for me....Pleeeeaase?

  2. it is perfect but also put your logo on all your originals. I saw the vase you gave to Baby mausi that too is beautiful.

  3. It is AWESOME!! I like the shade of blue you used on the alphabets and the design on the base.
    You have made me fall in love with ceramics, Sonam. I am gonna check out if we have classes anywhere near.

  4. Oh this is beautiful . I bought some ceramic powder on impulse but unsure how to go about it. please do share a link to how to go about making the ceramic dough

  5. Thanks alll...

    @Neha, come on .. I saw your ceramic work, its are farr better..i just started learning..

    @tanya di...where did you see blue??...may be some light effect..

    @Dr. Sonia, I buy the dough...not powder...but I know its just clay and you make flour dough for chapati, little tighter than that...

    @Papa...thankuu...i have a similar vase for you too.. :)

  6. Very beautiful nameboard !!!


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