Saturday, July 30, 2011

key frame!

remember that DIY idea of key holder I shared with you here. I wanted to make this as soon as possible as we really need this in our home. So here is the my version.

original idea/picture via

My Version

I had this plain wooden frame from Michael's

Show me your versions soon!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Chest and peak-a-boo-my-home...

Hey all my you doing??...
Remember my post about the Accent Chest Hunt??? Well, finally we got that..yayyy! It was a longgg wait for me to have an antique chest for our not-so-antique living room...See what we got...

this beautiful accent chest with four drawers and 
a two rack cabinet from Pier 1 Imports
we had wait for two long weeks to get this home

closer view of what's on the chest top

Ganesha painting by me, lamp bought by Gaurav before our marriage (I must say, good choice! )
Eiffel Tower bought from under the real Eiffel Tower, Moroccan Lantern is a gift, Chinese Money Tree in hand-made ceramic planter... I love this wall :)

isn't this plant beautiful...

recently made ceramic pitcher on our dining table

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Design Star, episode 2

Remember I posted about the HGTV Design Star and promised to update all with this?? Well, I have already talked about week 1 here, and here is what happened 2nd week.

Task: HGTV Design Star's famous white box challenge in which contestants have to create an over-the-top, customized room that represents their style as a designer. They have to express their design ingenuity with materials found at a restaurant supply story, also must complete a creative how-to tip or technique used in their white box design. The design and creativity is a must have for this task, not utility.

David's Points

the 'white box' behind the host, Tanika

the White Rooms after...

my favorite 1

this was my favorite 2

for more details and pictures, see Here.

1st Sharing, Tanya anurag

Remember my post about SHARE??...So here I am sharing our first blogger friend , very talented Tanya Anurag of My World...My Space.

Here is a post about 'Tanya Anurag' by Tanya herself.

"Hello Everyone! I am Tanya from My World... My Space and I am really happy to be here at Designing Life. Sonam has filled this virtual space with colors and creativity, which inspires all. I thank her for having me here, today. It gives me a great chance to connect with all of you and take you to 'My World... My Space'.

I have always had this love for art and creativity. I believe, I have it in my genes! I paint. I love to sit with all the craft supplies (mostly trash) and come up with something new every time. I have recently started gardening. I blog and I read a lot of blogs. I pin. I cook. And I enjoy driving my husband crazy with my weird ideas ;) 

I recently posted about the Diwali Decor I did at my place last year! Sonam of Designing Life saw it and asked if I would like to share it for her readers. I quickly said 'yes' because I love to show-off *wink-wink*. Here's what I did for Diwali.

rangoli and candles

On the left is the 'Rangoli' I made using Foam Glitter Sheets. Yes, glitter sheets! Rangoli has always been my favorite part of Diwali... more than sweets… more than crackers!! For me, Diwali decoration without rangoli is unimaginable. The traditional Rangoli powder could not be used because of the carpeted floors everywhere. I had to think of something else. The answer was these sheets!

bought these from a dollar store

It is easy to draw on and cut these sheets. Just sketch the design on the back side of the sheet using a ball point pen and cut it. Stick the pieces together on a large piece of paper. Cut off the left over paper and your Rangoli is ready!
I would recommend to start with some easy designs.

  • While drawing the designs, it is important to remember to draw the mirror reflection of the desired pattern.
  • Some of these sheets have peel-off adhesive layer at the back. This cuts down the use of glue. 
  • If you cut a big piece and it does not fit in the small space, you can easily squeeze it to fit. I did that almost all the time.
  • What's best is you can get a pack of these sheets at Dollar Store.

The candles were really easy to make. In fact, the mothers can take it up as a project with their kids. I simply painted the tea-light candles with acrylic paint. Once the candles were dry, which hardly takes a few minutes, I made the design on it using the glitter tubes. It took me almost half an hour to give the plain-white tea-light candles a new life J

Don’t they look beautiful. Days after Diwali, the candles are still used everywhere in the house for decoration.
If you liked this post, do stop-by at My World… My Space and have a look at all the other things I have to share. See ya!!

Thank you Sonam for having me here"

-Tanya Anurag

What you doing this Diwali?
So share your creative ideas in the blog land.


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

name plate!

I had to share this!...
ever since I have started ceramics
wished to make something special our home...
so after much experiments, pieces break, glaze smudge and many more...
finally I got this for our home...
have a look...

hand-made 'Felt Bandhanwaar' (Diwali 2010) and 'Ceramic Name Plate'

so, how is it??

Giveaway @ Mailbox Moments

Hey friends,
I have one more good news..
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pinterest, a place of our interest!

While reading daily blogs with a cup of tea in the morning today, I came across the post about Pinterest on My World... My Space. And since morning I am glued to this fantastic site! I figured it was time for me to join all you pinners out there.  Now I can save and share my favorite photos with links to their sources. Genius! 
Have a look on my Pinterest page here.

via Designing Life's Pinterest 

So are you on Pinterest yet??
Let's start pinning and re-pinning! 

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  • Pinterest is addictive, trust me! also said by Tanya Anurag

Monday, July 25, 2011

Design Star, episode 1

Task: makeover of an empty three-story New York City penthouse. 6 rooms, 6 teams of 2 designers each. 

Rooms Before and After

for more, click here

HGTV Design Star

It's been one year now since I am here in USA and I have already told being glued to HGTV in my previous post here. I was already in love with different shows on HGTV and recently came to know about the reality design challenge show HGTV Design Star. It is the 6th season of the show which started just 2 weeks back, and of course, I am in love with this show too. The 12 contestants compete for their own design show on this. Each week, the judges decide whom to eliminate one. Each week, the remaining contestants participate in an interior design challenge such as designing a living space or creating a space in an empty room. David Bromstad won the debut season of Design Star, now he is the mentor of the contestants. I'll definitely talk about him in later posts. Since, this a weekly show, I promise to update you all week-by-week starting today!

The Contestants of season 6 with the mentor David and host Tanika

and finally the mentor, David Bromstad

official video

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Empty Frame Wall Art

I always loved picture frames and have a lot of them on my walls. Recently I came across this empty frames wall art DIY idea. I have seen these many times before but never thought it can be such an easy diy project. Now I am looking more and more about this wall art. 
Look what all I found. (all pictures via various blogs and Google images)

what I am doing now?... I am collecting frames!