Monday, January 23, 2012

The Ugly Indian

We all feel frustrated by the filth around us.
We all wish India to be a cleaner place.
We all feel like doing something about it.

But have we done anything?
We only complain about the system and people's mentality.

But there is someone who is thinking about this.
Not just thinking, taking actions for it.
whose motto is "Kaam chalu mooh bandh. Stop Talking, Start Doing."

"The Ugly Indian", group of people, with growing number each day, who strongly feel about the state of garbage and filth in our cities. They believe in direct action, with a problem-solving approach. They don't blame the system. Aim to make a change from within.

They have so many stories of about how they tried to do something about it in video from and they call it SpotFixing.

watch more videos HERE

They have also come up with a wonderful idea of 
creative Dustbins made out of pipes and they call it Tere Bins.

If these Ugly Indians can change their city Bangalore, then why can't we?
Let's start with our own home and neighborhood and see the difference.
Be the part of The Ugly Indian family, and be proud of it.

The Ugly Indian Website
The Ugly Indian on Facebook
The Ugly Indian's action Videos

all images & videos are via The Ugly Indian


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