Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ananya's Toy Room, before and after

daughter and mom before the decor

Ananya, also called 'shaitanu', 'nanya', 'aanannyaa' by herself! Mom's darling, Dad's partner in all naughty kiddie stuff, loves Minnie Mouse. Ananya is my 2.5yrs old niece and I am her Sonam Maasi, who loves to play with her, pamper her. All maasis love that! Well this cute, adorable just out from the disney's princess's world girl wished to have her own little play area. So her mom and I, went to Michael's for all the accessories and crafting stuff. Well the guidelines my sister gave to me were: 
  • decor should be removable and reusable
  • very colorful yet simple
  • if on wall, should be hung little higher so that Ananya shouldn't reach and break it..
  • just as pretty as her daughter, (I say, room cant be as pretty as Ananya, she is far prettier)
  • things which has to stay in that room
  • and of course, we cant put paint or something like that in apartments.

Have a look...

room 'Before'


little glimpse

Ananya's love for Minnie

the toy room 'After'

having fun!

come on in!, says Ananya

Well while working on this decor we remembered that we had bought few felt pieces too for some DIY stuffs, which we forgot. So now I'll do that soon and then add to the decor.


  1. Ananya must be really excited to see her room all bright, colorful and full of toys. Sonam 'Maasi', you rock!! You are already her favorite and after this, I am sure you'll be her 'hero'. Minnie Mouse needs to be careful... you might just replace her as Ananya's darling :)

  2. A work well done. This is what "designing life" is all about (off-course my perception).It is about bringing color in peoples life and that is exactly what u have done for the Little Princess. You have brought loads of pleasure not only to the Princess but to her parents and yourself as well.

  3. very pretty for princess....

  4. Ananya's room came out super cute. I love it!


  5. Thanks for linking, Sonam. The party for this week is on. I hope to see you there.


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