Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Believe it or not...these are CHOCOLATES, in New Avtar :) yummm..!!

Thanks to Enric Rovira studio in Spain who gave a completely
 New Avtar to our simple and lovable delicious chocolates!!
The chocolatier Enric, grew up with pastries & cakes 
and certainly chocolates became his passion!

Enric calls his creations ‘artistic chocolate,’ influenced by the work of architect 
Antoni Gaudi, modern sculpture and minimalist form.

His signature chocolate sculpture Melting Eggs, are distinctive piece of art and they are melted naturally under hot sun. 

Today morning I just saw segment about these on Anthony Bourdain No Reservation on Travel Channel. Here you may watch the clip and see the beauty in making.

Like Enric, same story goes for Oriol Balaguer

All these chocolates are too beautiful to eat, but believe, its for eating!!..
enjoy chocolates, they deserve new avtars, and you deserve them.

Image Coutrsey :  Enric Rovira + Oriol Balaguer