Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Indian Matchbox Labels

Radiant pink lotus….
Red hot chillies…jungle king lion and tiger….
Giant elephants….beautiful gods….
‘sundari’ the indian beauties…the warriors….
From key to aircrafts…
Bright..bold…dramatic….such are the matchbox labels from India.
From ‘ek aana’ to ‘chavanni’ to ‘athanni’ to ‘ek rupiya’ now…so cheap! Still bring so much in a small wooden/paper boxes

Curious and visually stunning, matchbox labels come in a wide variety of designs. Cheap and disposable, they litter the highways and footpaths, often to be found scattered around any roadside chai-stall. Remember these little boxes? We have come across these little boxes while growing up. So I just thought of taking a walk down the memory lane.


  1. Reminds me of my parents' match box label collection....!!

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