Sunday, August 24, 2014

Life of a Tomato Plant

This is the first time I grew vegetables! and pretty excited about it *smiles*
We have 2 varieties of tomatoes, mint, basil, tulsi (kind of Indian Basil; Ocimum Tenuiflorum) and kari-patta plant. Enough to start your mini vegetable garden.
I have seen these leafy plants grown often by my mother and grandmother. Tomato plants really excited me most, as I never saw how it blooms and come on our salad plates! 
Here goes the various stages of the same I noticed.

left: Seedless Salad Tomatoes ; right: Cherry Tomatoes

notice the small yellow flower comes first which turns to mini-very mini tomatoes

gradually they grows; these are Cherry Tomatoes

same process for Seedless Salad Tomatoes too
they gradually grows green, turns yellowish orange and then red

Cherry Tomatoes ready to pluck; fully ripe ones will come in your palms easily with one touch. If you need to pull them, that means they are not ready completely.

Seedless Salad Tomatoes ready

on plate :)





Kari-patta (leaves) Plant

all together :)
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Iron Enriched Salad

Super healthy, full of iron, full of taste and super quick salad!!!
What more we need for a quick, healthy snack!
Just created this salad few minutes ago 
and sharing with all right away!!


Baby Spinach; 1-bowl
Cucumber; 1
Fruit/s (your choice! apple/strawberry/grapes/plums/apricot etc... I used 1 apple)
Lime/lemon Juice (as per taste)
Salt (as per taste)
Fresh Ground Pepper (as per taste)


Wash spinach, cucumber and fruit/s in cold water.
Cut fruit/s and cucumber in small bite size pieces and mix with spinach.
Add lime juice, salt & pepper and mix well.
'Live Healthy'
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