Thursday, May 5, 2011

Textile Heritage, India

Being a Textile Designer, I have to share this with all. In India textile enjoys a rich heritage and the origin of textiles in India traces back to the Indus valley Civilization where people used homespun cotton for weaving their clothes. Ramayana and Mahabharata, the Indian epics depict the existence of wide variety of fabrics in ancient India. These epics refer both to rich and stylized garment worn by the aristocrats and ordinary simple clothes worn by the common people. The contemporary Indian textile not only reflects the splendid past but also cater to the requirements of the modern times. 
Each and every region of India contributes in creating textile tradition.  The hilly region of the country produces a rich variety of woolen textiles. The barren and semi barren regions like Rajasthan and Gujarat usually prefers embroidered bright colored textiles. The coastal areas of the south eastern regions prefer light colored fabrics and particularly cotton and silk textiles are very popular over there. Apart from those mentioned, each and every region and state of India has its own distinct individual style in textile. Lets have a look on maps below. 

Textile Map of India

Handloom Clusters in India


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  2. All the textile designers concentrate only the northern part india. Tamil is a language which is 2000 years old language and the people who speaks tamil live in southern part of india and their culture and heritage starts before indus valley civilization and the textile designing is also common in south india and the south india and has 5 states which has unique textiles.

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