Thursday, August 12, 2010

ROME Cow Parade 2010

A cotemporary 'open air' art exhibition of

colorful herd 'Made in Italy' on the streets and squares of Rome.

"The event aims to create opportunity community with the aim of conveying the positive values

of sociability and of combination of creativity and of art usable and accessible to the

general public outside of the places Members in a more direct relationship with His latest

target, visitors and citizens. It is also a chance of promotion for artists

emerging that established by presenting their works in a national and international profile

in line with historical and urban land. The event aims to involve 100 works-sculpture to be

placed in the main streets and squares in towns, from center to periphery, involving also

the most prestigious places of the capital". - Cow Parade ROMA 2010

For further details and more picture, visit here.

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