Friday, January 20, 2012

A Perfect Baby Shower with a Diaper Cake

In India I had heard a lot about the 'Bridal Shower', even I had one before my wedding too. After coming to USA, I came to know about the 'Baby Shower'. 

Baby Shower is a way to celebrate the due child by presenting gifts to the parents at a party. The term "shower" means that the expecting mother is "showered" with gifts. In Hindu tradition, they are called by different names depending on the community the family belongs to, like 'godbharaai' in northern India, 'dohaaljewan' in west, 'saadh' in east and 'seemantam' or 'Valaikaapu' in southern India.

My sis-in-law is expecting, and we planned a surprize Baby Shower for her. There are a lot to plan a baby shower from Venue, Guest list, Invites Theme Decor, Menu, Cake, Return Gifts/Favors, Games and most important & fun part is the Diaper Cake! Yes, it's " 'diaper' cake" and of course not edible, but lots of fun and full of suprizes. Of course I'll give you the glimpse of the event but before that I'll share the Diaper Cake Instructions.

As the picture shows, the cakes' designs vary from one to another depending on theme, decor, boy/girl and budget.
1. So to start with get pack/s of baby diapers, I bought Pampers pack of 50. Number of diapers depends on the size and style of your cake.

2. Then plan the design/color of your cake and get related stuffs to put in the cake and decor it. I chose 'blue color' as my theme and baby clothes and accessories to put inside my cake.

baby stuffs and decor materials

3. Roll the diapers. Remember! DO NOT use any adhesive or tape or even stapler while making the cake as all these diapers will be used later. Babies are sensitive so one should take good care of the cleanliness, hence put a clean spread on your work station to avoid dust and dirt on diapers.

use small rubber-bands to roll diapers 
and larger bands to put all the rolled diapers together

rolled diapers

4. Take a baby bottle or any cylindrical baby stuff and put the layers of rolled diapers around it. Now number of layers again depends on the size of cake choose, I had put 3 layers around a baby milk bottle. An then similarly, make other the other tiers.

rolled diapers around the bottle and a few baby onesies hidden between diapers

all three tiers put together in similar way 
and the cake is ready to for the icing i.e. decor

5. Prepare the base before decorating the cake. I chose large square cardboard, covered it with beautiful silver paper and made elegant borders with blue ribbons. Now cake is ready to be decorated.

the base ready, and 1st layer of ribbon (decor) done

all set for the Baby Shower

The Process Video
View the video for the whole process and more details

Glimpse of the decor!

closer look to the wall of clothes

the original edible cake!

Hope you liked this cute DIY project, 
a must for perfect Baby Shower 
and even a perfect gift to a mom-to-be! 
I had so fun in making this cake and then the party.

Share your party ideas with us!


  1. fantastic yaar....even i am planning to host a baby shower...thanks so much for the ideas....

  2. Oh my gosh.... soooooooooooooo adorable... Its such a cute baby shower.. and this is fabulous... to host one!!

  3. lovely sonam! came here via patricia's.
    looks like the shower was a lot of fun!

    also, wanted to introduce our blog Aalayam. stop by sometime.


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  5. That is so sweet and awesome story you have in your article. I am impressed. I have followed this perfectly planning for a baby and It had reduced many difficulties in my pregnancy.

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