Thursday, June 26, 2014

Organizing Madness!!

Organizing is not always about spending $$$$ on storage trays or baskets. Sometimes just with little $ and some creativity one can make drastic difference. 
A huge counter space around basin with drawers sometimes turns to mess by just keeping all stuffs on counter! Not just they are scattered, but leave behind stains, oil marks, etc. 
One fine solution you may find at a Dollar Tree near by you. They have plastic baskets/trays (set of 3 mostly) in $1.00!!! Of course those are not high quality plastic like BPA free, but who needs those for toiletries! Here is a example what you can do with them.


drawer 1

drawer 2

corner 1

corner 2

complete mess free happiness :)

Hope I gave you few ideas for mess-free bath organizing.
How do you organize yours?
Share your organizing/storage solution with us HERE!

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