Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunshine Magazine Holder

not only love to collect ideas, but also the magazines they come in. But it is quite a mess to always find magazines all over the places; on the table, on the couch, even on the floor! One could easily solve this problem if have a magazine rack/holder. Magazine racks come in all sorts of designs and there are also lots of DIY projects you can try. 

Here are some DIY examples 

simply use a hanger!

carton with wheels?

a shutter

diy with a frame

a wooden base+stripes of fabrics+nails=elegant magazine rack

or just twist your old hanger

wood/cardboard, cut and join!

This is what I did for my holder

1 wooden crate
1 small card board (I used one of the amazon package boxes)
few paints and brushes
transparent top coat spray/varnish (for protection)
little creativity!


notice the gap on base, this is where I used the cardboard sheet

looking bright in front of dark fireplace

fresh & fun! *smiles*

My Sunshine Magazine Holder!
Share your DIYs with us!

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