Thursday, September 22, 2011

busy busy busy

Now I exactly know what is the meaning of  'being busy'
I used to think how can one get so busy that 
he cannot take out time for the things he love to do...'t worry! I am not THAT busy...
I am doing a few things I like, 
and a few things I am not doing which I like...

yes, I am little busy (and it's not busy without business)
so let me tell you what's all happening here:

our parents are here! yayy...
watch my MIL knitting, learn new yet traditional recipes,
not much sitting online, no more daily soap followings, socializing...

a LOT to come on Designing Life...just be patient...
pending travel notes and few new ones on their way to Jab We Ghoooom!

well...we are travelling every weekend!
this is keeping me busy most + I love it :)
Hawaii trip coming next week!
and finally trip to INDIA after one and a half year in November!
can't wait anymore to see all family and friends

apart from weekly groceries, 
I am loving going to Michael's more often..
thinking and then buying goodies for the cute kiddies in family in India
getting more coupons and shopping more!

Due DIYs are still due...
canvas waiting for the splash of colors
ceramic jewels are in process
made unique and personalized gifts for family and friends in India

so what do you think... I am busy without business?? *smiles*

what are you doing these days??...
share with us!
have a good day!

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