Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pottery zone

I blog, I paint, I do DIYs and I do pottery! 
Blogging, paintings, and DIYs don't have any one specific space, 
I use my entire little apartment to do do these. 
But for pottery/ceramics, I go to Sunnyvale Community Center every Wednesday. 
It will be complete one year since I am doing pottery there, 
but seems as if I am there since many years. 
The people, the instructor, the ambiance, the views, the facilities, 
I love everything about my Pottery Zone. 
I have shared a lot about my love with clay here and here
So today I thought to share my weekly work zone with my blogger friends! 

Recently I read somewhere "clay is the way", and this turned out to be true for me. I fell in love with the material.  Similarly, I love the Pottery Studio where I work with clay. I am not an early riser, but become one only on Wednesdays! Come with me on the tour of my Pottery Zone!

The Studio and people working there

we even have a small Microwave, a coffee maker and a tiny fridge

mini Library

even music!

Tour with Process

the clay storage, we get clay from here

my tool bucket

clay waiting to be re-born with creative hands

Wedging Table

Potter's Wheels with stools

Slab Roller for hand technique (which I use too)

clay taking new shape with Potter's Wheel

Clay taking new shape with hands, slab technique

after giving clay it's shape, we keep our creations on these shelves to dry for couple of days.
since we go once a week, so they dry over the week

the next week, we put the products on the Greenware Shelf for their first Bisque Firing
(as shown below)

The Kilns in Kiln Room, where products get fired

inside the Kiln

After the Bisque firing, we collect products from the Bisqueware Shelf 
to put Glaze or Stain and put on Glaze Shelf

Bisqueware Shelf

stuff ready to be waxed and glazed for the second firing

waxing the bottoms of each and every product

products waiting to be glazed or stained with waxed bottoms

Glaze Buckets

Glaze color/sample board

getting Stained

getting glazed

glazed/stained products back on the shelf for second and final firing

my products waiting for second firing!

final colorful Pick-Up Shelf

The beautiful views we get while working!

Even Children come the for classes in the evening. 
See their cute little creative stuffs:

me with my Instructor/Guide Barbara Brown 
who made me fell in love with the clay!

see my products here

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  1. Sonam!!! Sonam!!!! What a lovely place! I want ti join u as well pls :-)

  2. I really wish i could be there..i m someone who has wanted to play with clay all my life..:)..I am so motivated to check out for a center in atlanta

  3. Thanks! Clay is Addictive! atleast for me.... :)

  4. What an inspiring space. It reminds me of my own pottery days...I used to go every Thursday:)

  5. Pottery is right at the top of my list... thanks to you :)


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