Thursday, August 18, 2011

Due diy

Hey my blogger friends...
how have you been??..
It's 18 days without a post...
what's keeping me away from the blog land??
well we have our parents visiting us ....yayyy!!
I am not actually away...
I am reading all your lovely posts, 
visiting blog parties...
even drafting posts, just not posting them...
so just thought to share my due DIY projects with all...
yes, it's festive season, and I have loads of DIYs...
see my due project, more ideas are most welcomed...

salt & pepper shaker from Ikea waiting to be groomed!

glass jars waiting to be turned into .... (surprise)

a steel thaal waiting for.... (again surprise)

a big plate (it was a dry-fruit decorative plate) waiting to be turned into R....?? ;)

egg crates? know well...GUESS!

share what you planning for festive season!


  1. I can guess one of these.. Thali into Rangoli.. is it?

  2. I'm getting a lot of ideas...;)
    Waiting to see what you create:)


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