Thursday, May 5, 2011

Helicopter Post ;)

This is a random post, but I just wanted to share this!
Recently Gaurav and I were thinking about gifts for young boys (5-12yrs of age). So finally we bought Helicopters for them. This was fine till the search was for kids. But yesterday Gaurav came back home with two Helicopters, one for the kid, and the other for himself! This was not over here yet, he became soo sad like a kid when I told him that we don't have our screw-driver with us. He needed that to open the Controller to put batteries. So he couldn't play with his new toy instantly, hence became sad. But I loved the way he became sad :) like a 5yrs old little boy. And I had to get our screw-driver today. Now the little boy is happy playing with his new toy! 

waiting for the batteries!

all set to fly!

kid is happy :)


  1. Hahhaa... Sanket got one on his birthday this year. He did all he could to collect the batteries from every possible source but fell short of a couple of them. The wait was making him all the more restless and I was enjoying it :) Once he got the batteries, the pilot within him was in full action and I watched the several take-offs, landings and crashes. The craze got over within a week and 'copter is now at 'aviation museum' ;)

    Have fun Pilot Gaurav Shrivastava!!

  2. Keep that wonder and playful spirit going on:) Have fun! Nice post


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