Monday, May 30, 2011

I am back!

Hey all...
hope all are happy and enjoying spring!
sorry I was not active on blog since long..
well I was busy working on my other blog 'Jab We Ghoooom!',
went on a small vacation to Toronto and spend good times with family & friends.
so how are you enjoying spring?
well I have a Treat for Textile lovers in my next blog!
till then, enjoy..keep blogging...keep reading :)

beautiful Tulips in Toronto


  1. I got to your blog through Neha's post. Love your work esp the ceramics..they are awesome!!
    BTW..not very sure from your pic but is your hubby from rourkela?? If so..its indeed a very small world!!

  2. we are batchmates from school. have a few common friends.


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