Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Anek Designs by Kanika Bahl

Anek Designs was founded by NID alumnus Kanika Bahl along with her husband. The brand was launched in mid 2010. 

Anek Designs specializes in home linen and other textile accessories. The brand also undertakes custom interior textile projects. "The bold colors add an instant zing to any home and the products are a perfect balance of contemporary and traditional sensibilities!" -Kanika Bahl.

Kanika is also an active blogger, and is a proud owner of two blogs, '...and another' and 'Big Fat Indian Wedding'. She blogs about her daily inspirations, work and forthcoming projects on her blog '...and another' and all about dream weddings on 'Big Fat Indian Wedding'.

Anek Designs also has it's Etsy Shop, so shop now :) also join the brand for daily updates on Anek Designs facebook page.

my fav. 1

my fav. 2

my fav. 3

my fav. 4
I love all her products!

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