Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Sunny Balcony

I love Gardening. I always had a dream of little garden outside my window. We may not have the ground space, but hey, we still have the glorious weather, and more than enough space to create wonders with. We have a beautiful sunny patio over looking the pool side of our apartment complex. And yes, I do have many friends like humming birds, butterflies, and more little birds who come to visit me in my sunny balcony each day. And they love my little patio garden! Have a look :) 

the view

my tools

for my friends who visit each day

Enjoy Spring!


  1. Love your garden!! I have been waiting for the winters to get over so that I could get some plants. Something is telling me that they'll be home soon ;)

    The photo 'My Tools' is my favorite from this post. The angle from which it has been shot is simply superb!!

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