Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Diaper Bike!! variation to our very own Diaper Cake!

Something is surely in air that I have been hearing/reading the *good news* everywhere! Among friends & family in India, here in US, celebrities, etc...most of them having or about to have Baby! 
Wowww!! perfect reason to celebrate, to be creative!! Everyone has so many questions, regarding Baby Showers, Welcome Baby Parties, Decorating Nursery, Buying Baby Products, Maternity Fashion, even A Perfect & Stylish Diaper Bags!!
I have already shared a few Baby Shower/Welcome Baby ideas and got overwhelming response! So I thought of posting more detailed posts about these. 

To re-start, I'll share a tutorial of Diaper Bike, it's a variation of our very own Diaper Cake! Last weekend we friends threw a surprise Baby Shower for our friend! As always, all had super-fun!! And I made this Diaper Bike!

Designing Life has already shared these Diaper Cakes!

Diaper Cake for Boy, see HERE

Neutral Diaper Cake, see HERE

Diaper Cake for Girl


34 Diapers, size1 (17 for each tier)
8" Round cake pan or similar shaped utensil/box
2 Large rubber bands
2 Receiving blankets
2 Bibs
1 Pair of socks or mittens
1 Baby bottle
2 Washcloth
1 Stuff Toy (optional)
Pins & Scissors
Decorative Ribbons (as per your design)


Arrange diapers in pan as shown in pictures step-by-step

Should look like this when completed. 
Make sure the gap between each diaper is equal.

choose appropriate size of rubber-bands, I used bigger ones

Now using the rubber-band, hold all the diapers together in place

like this; when inside pan

take out gently and should look like this

make two tiers, same process

Wrap each tire with ribbon/s. 

Secure ribbon/s with pins; 
these diapers will be used later so we don't use any kind of adhesive.

Fold the first receiving blanket in half

now roll it as shown in pictures

*closer look*

after rolling, secure it with pin

Place the blanket through the tire opening

this will be the front tire

attach blanket to back tire as shown in pictures

Pull both ends of the blanket (following the arrows) 
to make sure the both tires are tight as well as the blanket. 
Not too tight but firm. This will hold the entire bike.

Now take the second blanket and repeat same process of rolling.
When rolled, insert it through the front tire; this will be the handle.

Rolling a washcloth around baby bottle is optional; 
it adds details to bike's headlight

Insert the bottle between handles.
Secure both handles together with small rubber band 
and wrap a washcloth for pretty look.

Place a small thick sheet to give a firm look to the handles; *optional*

Insert a tissue in socks/mittens to have firm look

Attach socks to handles

Place the bibs over tire.
Final look should be as shown in pic 29

Now just place the rider on bike!!
We are done!!!!
What do you think about this?

Do you have cute tutorials?
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  1. Good work, well done! This is what I call creativity. Keep creating


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