Monday, August 12, 2013

Love for 'Mason Jar!'

It's time for some Mason Jar ideas, innovation, inspiration!

need to explain?

beautiful and completely romantic

Remember Terrarium Ideas from earlier post Here?

definitely need one of these soon! 
growing your herbs in small spaces

Mason Jars are best see-through storage/holders

Why didn't I think about this? a mason jar soap dispenser!


this is cute and so fun! 
just take a few from your kid's figure sets

make/set/serve desserts!

A must try DIY, simple and pretty!

I am surely going to make this as Center Piece in my next party at home!

just the kind of chandelier I want over my dining table!

drinks anyone?

another easy and a must try idea; cutlery stand!


love these! this flower arrangement is perfect for backyard parties.

images via: Pinterest

a mason jar+glass paints+a tea light=beautiful lantern
by Designing Life 

My latest favorite!
just about 2inch tall mason jar
+a small flower bunch from my patio
+few mint leaves from my patio
=cute flower arrangement in 40seconds!

images: My Home

Can't wait create more Mason Jar ideas!
keep collecting!!

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speak your heart!!