Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Antique Sewing Machines!

Good Morning Friends!
Happy Tuesday!

While studying at FIDM, I learned Sewing! yayy! 
I was doing one sewing project for class,
and while researching for the same , I found these!

Antique Sewing Machines!

Aren't these beautiful?

Loving to sew now!
(ssshhh...still need ALOT of practice though)

images: online and scans

share your finds with DL here.


  1. wow... what amazing forms. would love to own atleast 1 of those!!

  2. beautiful they are...last one although looks more like a microscope :)

  3. Hi I am wondering if you knew the manufacturer of the first picture in your list. The machine with the gold feather decal. I have one of these I am trying to restore and cant work out the manufacturer. Thank you.


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