Monday, August 29, 2011

Home Tour, Patricia Torres

Being a design Blogger, I have to share Home Tours. 
It's so good to share beautiful peoples' beautiful homes.

To start with I present to you Patricia Torres. 
A mother of two, an accountant professional, 
loves to decorate her home, home in Dubai 
and of course a Blogger who blogs at Colors Dekor.

Let's meet her and see her beautiful home!

"I'm Patricia Torres, an accountant by day and a decor enthusiast the rest of the time.. :) With two kids and a little dog called Bumble... keeping the home neat, clean and clutter free is my eternal quest :) ...I live to keep my environment pretty.. I love colors and keeping my home looking beautiful is my favourite pass time... I love to travel, and paint.. specially painting walls.. :) .. "

"Welcome home... Thats the entrance of my home.. The Ganesh ji, was a gift from my brother, all the way from Bangalore. When it arrived.. the border, and other bits were broken.. The two of us.. spent a lot of time, putting it together, painting it again.. patching it up... It was a weekend DIY", says Patricia"

"On the left hand side, my CD rack, and the two gorgeous elephants from Thailand... "

"Reflections through the mirror... and a few Madhubani paintings.. 
another gift from my mom in laws best friend."

"The jharoka... 
I saw this at a warehouse in Sharjah.. and I simply had to get it home.. 
It was then painted in red and green..."

"The bench is my favorite seating... "

Patricia's cozy corner!

"The swing was the 1st piece of furniture... hubby & I purchased when we made a home.. Since then its been a long journey of 10 years... And little thing we purchased has been building our treasure... slow and steady.. So the swing is extra special.. and the home is basically set up based on where the swing will be placed.. "

"The wall of frames... I've always wanted to put up frames at home.. and just never had the courage.. So one weekend.. I sat down.. looked at all the walls.. and decided.. that I was going to put up a few frames on this one wall.. But the wall had a/c and light regulators.. So the window and the tamborine.. hides the regulators.. *smiles*.. and the frames were all purchased on sale.. I've currently put up pictures of our Jaipur holiday.. as it goes well with the theme.. for my daughters bday.. we put up pics of her.. from baby to 8 years.. for Valentines we put up pictures of all our loved ones.. and now.. for Christmas.. we hope to put up xmas pics.. lets see how that goes.. "

"my girlies bedroom.. We painted this cabinet over one weekend.. 
It was old.. faded.. and ready to be binned.. So we decided to paint it..
 We've painted ballerinas on one wall.. and the other side.. has butterflies All painted over one weekend.. This was the first room.. we completed.. :-) "

"Only painted last week.. and still work in progress is my bedroom... with the teal wall..."

"a peep into my guest restroom.. *smiles*.. 
I've put up all my fridge magnets from various travels...."

A glimpse of her back yard... 

I loved Patricia's home, simply stunning and I am sure liked it too..
So when are you showcasing your home on Designing Life.
Condo or House...big or small...decor simple or like it or love it...
just SHARE your home with us!


  1. Wonderful tour! Welcome to the world of blogging! :)


  2. wow! You have a beautiful home patricia!

    thanks for this feature sonam!

  3. I have had the good fortune to see many areas of Patty's home. It is beautiful tour. Thank you for doing it.

  4. what a wonderful house Patty! waiting to see how you team up the teal!


  5. Patty..beautiful..i especially the enjoyed the never-seen-before corners of your home :) Sonam,lovely blog.

  6. I love your home Patty and enjoy it every time I see it:):)

  7. I second kala, I enjoy it every time I see it. I wanted to say, I liked this beautiful peice and that one but I like everything....gorgeous.

    Sonam - great for first home tour...

  8. Pat, each piece in your home is carefully picked and aesthetically displayed! I have set my eyes on the window like wall hanging and the CD rack :-)

  9. Wonderful to see your full home tour Patricia, and the new teal wall too. Next up, your home in a mag!

  10. Thanks for taking us to Patricia's house, Sonam!

    Patty, loved every corner of you place. Shows you love for style and decor. I especially loved those (khadau) wooden slippers at the entrance.

  11. gorgeous home!!!! loved everything ... especially the backyard!!!!


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