Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Raksha bandhan

Happy Raksha Bandhan to All

It was Rakha Bandhan on 13th August. For my international blogger friends, Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is an Indian festival which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. The central ceremony involves the tying of a Rakhi (sacred thread) by a sister on her brother's wrist. This symbolizes the sister's love and prayers for her brother's well-being, and the brother's lifelong vow to protect her. So I have lots of brothers and sisters around, some mine and some Gaurav's. Since childhood I used to love this festival for different reasons. I am a single child so meeting all brothers and sisters is the first reason, yes I don't use the word 'cousin'. I spend my early childhood away from my home town, so meeting all on holidays and festivals was like bliss. Like I was away, so as my father was away too from his sisters, hence on Rakhi I used to tie the thread send by my aunts on my father's wrist, in return he used to give me a new toy, this was another reason for loving the festival during my childhood. After coming back to our home town, me becoming little bigger and also elder sister to newly born brothers, i used to get Rakhis of my brothers' favorite toon character along with their favorite chocolate. Buying the Rakhis and posting them was another fun of this festival. Standing at the shop and selecting rakhis for all my brothers was a wonderful feelingSince last two Rakhis, I am in USA all away again and I see all the pics uploaded by my family in India on facebook! This is different experience. I try to call my brothers on Rakhi, send e-cards via 123greetings.com, and postings on their facebook wall...

the Rakhi plate

the Laddo plate!

my precious pictures!

me with my Papa, when I used to tie my aunts' rakhis and get toys!

the Famous Four, that's what we call this pic!
(me the youngest one in pink)

does pic needs description?

we are the Famous Five of the family, here I am the eldest

fun winter morning on terrace

me in red and Dolly is yellow, dolly was born 11 days after me, 
so she often calls me 11 days elder sister!

me with Betu Dada (dada is elder brother)

this was gift to my paternal Bros & Sis on last year's Rakhi

me with Vipul, my college friend. 
I never tied Rakhi on his wrist but he was and he is always there as a brother with me 

now the Champions! Gaurav (youngest) with his elder brother and elder sister

now Gaurav is an elder brother too and can hold kid bro

Childhood rakhi celebration. 
Now brothers are in USA and didi send Rakhi with message to have Ras Malai :) 

rakhi and card send by Neha Didi for Gaurav this year

This is post for specially for my family!
and all the brothers & sisters around the world.


  1. Such a sweet post.Isn't it so much fun looking at pictures from your childhood.

  2. Glad to see your pic with vipul, He is a great guy, one of my sweetest friends too, I am sure he will be there with us always:)

  3. Hey Neha & Joey..thankuuu
    @Joey...Vipul deserves to be there :)
    he was always there whenever I needed him...more than me, my father had faith on him too...i never tied rakhi on vipul's wrist, but he is my brother from heart :)

  4. There is so much of warmth in this post. I am sure all you brothers and sisters must have been very happy to read this.

    Thanks for linking up at Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner and adding to the fun.

    The party for this week is going on... hope to see you there again :)



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