Thursday, June 30, 2011

Postage Stamps!

In the world of Emails, SMS, BBMs, Facebook, Twitter...we have forgotten our postal services. Well we do need it for a few official works, but that's when we 'NEED' it, else almost everything can be done on Internet. And with this amazing Postal Service, we forgot those beautiful postage stamps. Started with my maternal-aunts in their childhood, I continued to update that red stamp collection book. This reminded me while using US Postal Service. Around the world, different countries have different designs and layouts of postage stamps. Just thought of looking at some of the Indian Postage Stamps. There is a huge list of Indian postage stamps, see here. While searching for this post. I came across this amazing link which showcase stamps in India year by year, see here.

Children's Day Special

Children's Day Special

Children's Day Special

So did you get new inspiration for next Design??

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