Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thank You Google!

This post is to thank a virtual friend, Google Search!
Everyone of us use google for every small tiny stuff.
Searching for people, places, recipes, jobs, classifieds, articles, songs, movies, images, maps, news, BLOGS!, shop, travel, bookings, contacts,
almost for everything we have Google!
Google helped me a lot during all my studies, school & college. Informations which were not in books, they were in google. 
Whenever, whatever you don't understand we say, 
"just google it" or "google maar yaar!". 
I remember when in college at PAF, we were quite much depended on google and used say "google dev ki jai" or "long live google".
Even to read this Designing Life's post, you need to google it! :)
And why I am thanking so much to google today? I just woke up couple of hours ago and while checking Facebook I came across this beautiful advertisement about google search. And this made me give thanks to google for unlimited reasons till now and still counting! *smiles*

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