Wednesday, May 23, 2012

work in progress!

just came in to say 'hello' to my lovely friends!
I have been so busy since last few months (longgg list to tell)
but I can share my new experiments with all :)

These days I am trying the 'under-glaze' technique in ceramic,
so thought of sharing my work in progress...

I am so excited!
just waiting for these to get fired ASAP
will share the final finished appetizer plates soon!


  1. oh wow.. these are gorgeous.. Thank you for linking into Made with Love.. :-)

  2. Hi Sonam
    What a coincidence! I already like your blog on facebook...and this primarily because of my love for clay and pottery and beads and all such things...Well I love your trays especially the shell shaped one with bubbles on top :)

  3. nice work on clay and pottery your blog is awesome nice sharing.Plz keep writing.


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