Monday, February 2, 2009

Sonam+Maliha=SONAMALIHA...friends forever.. :)

Do you know the meaning of a Best Friend??...

well, I don't know, but one thing I know...

I have Maliha...and I know what she means to me, to my life....

my mentor.. she is a friend, a dream come true...

she is the one who listens to every tit-bit of crap I go on and on!!!

with her, I need not to wait for an occasion to celebrate...cause when I'm with her, every moment is an occasion...and every occasion worth a celebration... :)

thankuuu for being with me...

and just to remind you my sweet Maliha,

I always ate your brain, and will continue all my life ;)

love you loads...muahhhh :)



  1. gud to see d luv in frndship :-) , btw ur title of blog says "DESIGNING L.I.F.E." so is LIFE an acronym too here?

  2. true friendship is gift of God..


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