Thursday, January 22, 2009

designing life...designing dreams... :)

am not glamorous or stunningly beautiful
am not wealthy
am not excessively popular in college
am not hip, trendy or fashion-forward
am what some would consider average
am what some would consider extraordinary
am a Designer, a creator
creating dreams of life
am a multi-tasker, a workaholic
am proud of my heritage, both ethnically & culturally
will go to the ends of the earth for friends and loved ones
will give anyone a fair chance
have been referred to as: wonderful, sweet, talented, naive, warm, hilarious, cute, big-hearted, unselfish, selfish, opinionated, stubborn, and "that jerk"
deny none of the above
enjoy my privacy...enjoy the spotlight
can be simple...can be complicated
am no different than anyone else
am not still growing
am in love with my life, my designs
hence am designing life!!


  1. good one ... good girl...welcome to the world of blogs....bring your feelings out and feel the world and let the world feel you...
    your thoughts...your ideas...your views..
    keep blogging..

  2. You are what you are. The good thing is you are in love with ur life n ur work and that only will make u different, perfect, wealthy or watever u said u are not. Keep working and writing, all the best!! :-)


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