Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nursery Ideas!!

Nurseries are the best rooms in home to plan & decorate! 

Have a spare room? Great!! Don't have? No worries! 
Same ideas can be converted into Nursery Corner/Wall in your own Bedroom. The following ideas are really overwhelming! 

Choose the elements you like. And remember, there are alternative ideas if you like something but can't execute it. For instance if you like the different color/painting on the wall and can't paint for reasons like just can't paint or you are renting a place, etc...remember we have Decals for that!! 

Recently I read about a few Do's & Don'ts for nursery on I never thought of some of these. So thought of sharing those with you all. 

  • Newborns can only see black, white and gray. As their sight develops, the first color they recognize is red; however, avoid red in a nursery because it can create confusion to a newborn when it's the only color they see. 
  • Softer tones, like blues, greens and pinks, begin to develop at the same rate so they're more pleasing to a newborn's eye.
  • Adding a dimmer switch is an inexpensive way to change the mood when reading a bedtime story and can also help save on the electric bill.
Have a look to some pretty Nursery Ideas

this is my favorite! simple and elegant Chevron Nursery

this pretty set up can be easily done in your own bedroom;
just one wall of your room, enlarged decal/paint and pretty bedding.

another cheerful wall in your own/small room

very simple, yet elegant and grown-up nursery idea;
these first pictures your baby will cherish for life

add storage solution to your nursery corner/room

a very pink nursery! 
*not my style though*

budget friendly, simple & elegant

Hope all enjoyed pretty nursery tours.
Stay tuned for more Baby Stuffs and of course Designing Life!
Do you have a Nursery to show us?
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